Friday, December 19, 2008

Yahoo! Answers?

If you haven't already discovered it, Yahoo! has an interesting feature called Yahoo!Answers. The concept is that you can post questions rolling around in your brain, and random strangers can answer them. 
I highly recommend perusing it if you need to kill time. Or are so drunk you can't stand up.

Some of the questions are completely un-answerable:
Everyone just hates me..and its not now, from the time I took birth..and I dint know the reason.Ok..everyone can't go wrong so it is I who makes the faults every time.but I just dont mean them.However,I say sorry to the people immediately I realize it.But nothing works.Why the hell I am so bad! I feel like taking birth was my biggest fault.But whom to say sorry?Whom...........?

Other folks are trolling for the answers to homework for books they clearly haven't read.
Her are 10 questons i have to anser about Night by Elie somebody. Plez help.

Some ask questions that I am damn glad I have never had to ask.
my 13 year old niece's right foot's skin is "falling" off day by day. we've tried soaking her foot in salt water. it helps but takes a long time. is there faster way to regrow her foot skin in as little time as possible?

Some showcase how different the asker's life is from mine.
I'm looking for the address of a Mexican taliasman & witchcraft in santa monica blvd (Los Angeles).

Some are obviously the result of some bizarre dare or bet.
What would happen if i jumped from the 2nd floor of my house to the 1st floor, onto a couch?

And some will keep you thinking for the next decade or two.
If a person is trying to think that no one is honestly bad if their actions are viewed in the right context?

Finally, I leave you with this thought-provoking gem:

I need help with my mind can someone help me?

Get in line, my friend. Get in line.

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