Monday, December 22, 2008

Repossess My Heart

There was a time when I had no idea what the hell a bounty hunter really did. My only exposure to the profession was Boba Fett. Then "Dog the Bounty Hunter" arrived on the scene with his wife, the human SRS air-bag, and I was suddenly intrigued by the most meaningless details of the occupation.

Now, this fascination has transferred to "Operation Repo" on TruTV.

There's the charismatic pastor, clutching his bible, arguing that his BMW (complete with gold package) cannot be repossessed because it is "God's car". There's the distraught pizza delivery guy, throwing pepperoni slices as a diversionary tactic. People get maced and punched and arrested. 

Most importantly are the repo employees... a frightening woman who has Sharpie-d on her eyebrows in broad strokes... the 'roided-up Mr. Clean douchebag who escalates every situation through unnecessary aggression...the savvy owner who greatly resembles a Mario Brothers Macy's parade balloon.

Is it staged? Completely fake?
Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

But could I eat it with a big cheap plastic spoon? 
Oh, yeah. Absolutely. 

Also, on my Cannot-Look-Away-From-The-Wreckage TV list?
Momma's Boys
That one I could eat with a big blonde bitchy spoon.


Vanessa said...

Momma's Boys. Gotta love the racist, anti-semitic hag of a mother :-) But oh, just a few short days until the train wreck we like to call the Bachelor!

Meghan M said...

Did anyone catch Cara's meltdown on Momma's Boys tonight?
"I didn't even get a date!"
In a pitch high enough that even Mariah Carey was jealous.
Loved it, loved it, loved it.