Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meghan's Favorite Things

Did you catch Oprah's famed "My Favorite Things" show this year?
"No, you pirate hooker." you're thinking. "I'm not the one on maternity leave." Well, you missed NOTHING. Because of "the economy" she had this lame episode on making homemade gifts and what the spirit of the holidays really means.... barf.
So, I'm going to pick up the slack for her. Especially for you folks who haven't finished your holiday shopping (slackers).

1. Noodle & Boo Glowology, The Balm
Technically, this stuff is for pregnant chicks. But it is The Best lotion/cream I have ever used. Have you ever trapped yourself in a room because you've put so much lotion on your hands that you can't get the doorknob turned? (Please tell me it's not just me.) I HATE that lubed up feeling. But, I also hate lotions that have so much water in them that you'd moisturize better just washing your hands. This stuff is that wonderful happy medium that melts into skin and smells Deeeeeelicious. 

2. Chip Skip by OPI
Holy shit! This stuff totally works!  Last Wednesday I polished my nails a nice snowy white (sheer white, not that Liquid Paper crap that Heidi Montag accessorized her fake wedding ring with). Being the experimental type, I put the Chip Skip on my right (dominant) hand and polished and top-coated as usual on my left. 
Now, my left hand looks like a crack whore's manicure and my right hand looks like it did last Wednesday. How does it work? Elven magic, obviously.

3. Domino's Pizza's Oven Baked Italian Sandwich

$4.99 and hot to your door. The bread is a delicious amalgamation of Schlotzky's and panini. There's yummy italian meats and banana peppers and lots of cheese. You can also get it as a meal deal with chips and a drink. I have NO idea what the calorie count is on this thing - and I absolutely don't want to know. Pure sandwich heaven.

I couldn't find a picture of this puppy, so go to to drool for yourself. They also have a neat-o online ordering system that tells you minute-by-minute where your order is. So you know exactly what time your order left the store. I enjoy this feature because I can wipe the acne spot treatment off my face before the doorbell rings.

4. Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Foundation

I'm from Texas, so you know I learned the concealer-liquid foundation-powder dance at an early age. Even though I now live in the most casual state in the union, I still refuse to go to the grocery store without foundation and lip gloss. So I NEVER thought that I would be perfectly thrilled with powder foundation. But, sisters, this stuff will change your life.

It takes ten nanoseconds to apply. You just buff it on. It fills in your pores and covers all the uneven skin tone you can dish at it. It lasts all days and covers zits like a dream. I recommend the kabuki brush for all over your face and the concealer brush for spot treatments. 

Each container lasts 6 months or longer and the color will not turn on you. It also has SPF 15, so you don't need a separate sunscreen. 

I recommend finding a local store that sells the stuff for the best color match (in ABQ, it's Katharoz). 

5. Daily Emails

I have a love-hate relationship with food. I love it, so I eat a lot of it, then hate it. See how that works?

Case in point, see # 3 above. 

I'm constantly on a diet. If I'm not watching every morsel that goes in my mouth, I'm gaining weight. 

I love because not only does she have great recipes that taste good and don't make you feel like an asshole for eating it, she also has great food finds and the inside scoop on new items coming to your grocery store. If you're a Weight Watcher, she gives the Points value for everything. 

I highly recommend signing up for her daily emails... there's a gem in every single one.

That's five for you to chew on now... please comment and leave me YOUR favorite things for 2008!


Deb said...

I can so totally see you writing this stuff. I started a blog, also but haven't "released" it to anyone. Don't have enough time to write these days.

Amanda's Garage Sale said...

L'Oreal double extend mascara. Its new and claims to be false eyelashes in a tube. It's amazing and really did make my lashes SO much longer! It was a late entry in 2008 - but totally awesome.

Tig said...

No Scream Cream.

god bless it.