Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Have Comment Envy

How come everyone comments at PetuniaFacedGirl and no one comments here?
Don't pretend you didn't make your way here from there.
Comment, bitches.
My husband's awesome blog,, has the same non-commentary issue. As does the awesomeness that is
Really, what is wrong with you people? Have you NOTHING to say?
I am so jealous of Susannah and her nasty Anonymous cat-calling comments.
Say SOMETHING. Say ANYTHING (insert photo of John Cusack with boombox over head).


Lindsay said...

what a bummer no one commented on THIS post! This is my first visit here but I have the same issue on my (not so awesome these days) blog at If people commented then I would be cheered on to continue. As it is, it languishes, unread and uninteresting. Hope you guys are well and enjoying Houston! Lindsay

Loo said...

All you had to do was call me a bitch! I almost always respond to that.

Annie said...

boombox can change the world

- stop fucking telling people theyre biatchess yo