Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Okay, I'm back...

... but don't go pinning any expectations on me.

If I completely over-analyze myself, I realize that the main reason I have procrastinated re-starting the blog is that I cannot suffer the obligation to write every blasted day.

I mean, people! I am not that interesting! Sure, thoughts flit across my brain all throughout the day... but turning them into an actual entry would be nearly impossible.

Sadly, I almost understand the appeal of Twitter. Ugh. How trendy.

For instance... how does the Internet know I'm fat? I understand the concept of cookies (yes, that's a double entendre), but it's become eerie. I can believe that the prevalence of Wonder Diet Drug banner ads might be just coincidence. But Lane Bryant follows me everywhere. Every. Where. Yahoo, Cakewrecks, Facebook. It's starting to creep me out.

Also, I returned from the restroom at work about ten minutes ago. But I am still gagging, literally physically gagging, from the smell the gal next to me was producing. Just thinking about it sets me off. *GAK* What could she have eaten to produce that stank? Burnt rubber tires with an acetone chaser? *GAK* Just typing this... oh, people walking by my office would think I had a hairball.

Today's water cooler discussion topic:
Is that Bachelor guy a schmuck or what? He's such a douche, I can't believe I didn't date him.

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