Monday, June 1, 2009

What IS The Matter with Kansas?

Fuck you, Scott Roeder.
Fuck you and all your friends and your fucktarded religion.

Let me get this straight: Abortion is wrong because The Bible states "Thou Shalt Not Kill". In fact, it's one of them there "Commandments". The last time I checked, those weren't exactly optional.

Thou Shalt Not Kill. And this "abortion doctor", George Tiller, he was killing babies. I get it, I get it. Some may argue that this "murder" was up for interpretation, but I understand your angle, Scott. I'm scooping what you're pooping.

So, this guy is killing and you can't kill. Ergo, the only rationale is to kill. Kill the killers! Kill the killers and then you're...not...a...killer?


Now, we watch the other Christian fucktards on CNN. With their picket signs "Abortion is Murder" and "God Bless Tiller's Killer". Cuz that makes sense.

What if those babies that The Baby Killer killed grew up to be a Baby Killers? Then wasn't The Baby Killer doing a good thing by killing babies? Wasn't it God's Work then?

What do you mean that doesn't make sense? It makes just as much logical sense as the swill you fucktards are swilling!

Here's my fervent wish: That all this nonsense that I think is nonsense isn't nonsense. And Scotty boy goes up to the pearly gates sitting on a big fluffy cloud and walks (floats?) up to Saint Peter with his golden clipboard. And he proudly tells Saint Peter that he did God's work and eradicated The Baby Killer. And then Saint Peter looks down at his list and says...

"What part of Thou Shalt Not Kill didn't you understand? Fucktard."

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Loo said...

Fucktard. Funny.